March 2023 Membership Meeting

Congratulations to the E-Board that was formally elected. The board will stay the same with the addition of Tim Pearson as the new Maintenance Craft Director. Welcome to the team Tim, and thank you.

Lots of offices are having issues with supervisors or other Craft employees doing their work. make sure we are filing for every minute.

Covid is hurting many offices. Attendance policies are making people come to work even when they are sick. stay home if you are sick especially if you have Covid or symptoms.

Employees are getting 30/60/90 day reviews where supervisors are lazily falsifying them by saying employees are “unsatisfactory” just so they have room for improvement…. Let us know if you are experiencing this in your office this is absurd and only hurts morale in offices.

In a turn of events that nobody could predict, we have new Meeting Pool Champion. Shari and some guy named Roger showed up and went undefeated to claim the title. who knows how long they will stay on top.

Kenny racks again after another devastating loss
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