Postal Staffing

Post offices across Western Colorado are struggling with severe staffing shortages. As we all know firsthand, being understaffed causes immense stress for employees, delayed mail delivery, and dissatisfied customers. This is an unacceptable situation that requires immediate solutions.

That’s why the National APWU has launched the “Build A Better Post Office” initiative to identify and resolve staffing crisis locations like ours. They have the resources and influence to develop real fixes – but they need to hear from us.

Please take 2 minutes right now to visit and fill out the staffing survey. Describe the unsafe conditions, excessive overtime, and poor service caused by short staffing in your office. With clear data directly from postal workers and customers, the APWU can make an ironclad case for improving staffing levels nationwide.

We have the power to spark real change. Let’s speak up together and Build A Better Post Office!