July 2023 Meeting Notes

Great Meeting. Thanks for everyone who was able to come. We had a special guest, National Vice President Debby Szeredy came and talked with us about current Postal Issues. It is always great to be able to have a National Officer take time from their day to join us. Debby Szeredy is a wealth of knowledge and shows that our National Officers are here to support us in our endeavours.

There was a bit of talk about our latest Conferences, the State Convention in Pueblo and the Regional Convention in Albuquerque New Mexico. Both had lots of training opportunities. At the Regional Convention, our very own Roger Daniels and Shane McDonnell taught a course on TACs grievances. Going forward we are working on forcing management to comply with the contract and treat all TACs duties as Bargaining Unit work. At the Regional Convention, we had training on Hostile Work Environments and Excessing events. Reach out to us if you have a monster causing issues in your office.

We would like to update the Bulletin Boards in all of our offices. Please let us know if you can help.

This is a small sampling of what happened at the Meeting. Please try to make the Next one in September. and thanks again to everyone who took time out of their day to join us.

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Award Winning President and State Convention Crew 2022
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May Meeting 2023

A large turnout at the most recent meeting. 22 people attended the meeting including many new faces. Thanks for those who took time out of their day to join in on the discussions.

We have a couple Conferences coming up in the near future. The Regional Conference will be in Albuquerque June 8th through the 11th and the State Convention will be held in Pueblo June 29th through July 2nd. We will keep you posted on the events and what we learn from these events.

During the meeting we talked about requesting a copy of your OPF. You have the right to request your OPF and we suggest that you should periodically do so.

There was lots of talk about using MDD-IO scanners instead of the swipe readers for clocking in and out as well as moving to proper operations. If you have any issues with this change, let us know. We have had reports of many issues so far and need to grieve all issues that arise in your office.

We once again had no winner in the attendance drawing. We drew a name of a member and they were not in attendance. That means that next meeting will have a prize pool of $300. Make sure you come to the meeting so that you can keep us informed about the issues in your office, as well as have a chance to win some money.

If you have issues with customer service in your offices, let us know. We are trying to make sure that the customers get the service they deserve. We need to do all we can to provide good service and a positive experience for our customers.

We also talked about TACs being done by managers. If you have a Lead Clerk in your office, they should be doing the TACs for all employees in your office. If not, we are working on rectifying this in all of our offices. We have won this work back and need to make sure that it is being performed by Clerks. There are many instances of management falsifying clock rings. If we have Clerks doing this, we can assure the Crafts that qualified people who care are taking care of these crucial functions.

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March 2023 Membership Meeting

Congratulations to the E-Board that was formally elected. The board will stay the same with the addition of Tim Pearson as the new Maintenance Craft Director. Welcome to the team Tim, and thank you.

Lots of offices are having issues with supervisors or other Craft employees doing their work. make sure we are filing for every minute.

Covid is hurting many offices. Attendance policies are making people come to work even when they are sick. stay home if you are sick especially if you have Covid or symptoms.

Employees are getting 30/60/90 day reviews where supervisors are lazily falsifying them by saying employees are “unsatisfactory” just so they have room for improvement…. Let us know if you are experiencing this in your office this is absurd and only hurts morale in offices.

In a turn of events that nobody could predict, we have new Meeting Pool Champion. Shari and some guy named Roger showed up and went undefeated to claim the title. who knows how long they will stay on top.

Kenny racks again after another devastating loss
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Hostile Work Environments Escalating

We have had a lot of recent hostile work environments in our offices. These should not be tolerated by management. Every employee has the right to go to work and feel safe as well as work in an environment free from harassment. Recently we have found out that management will ignore this issues unless it gets outside the Postal Service. Because of this, I have found that Anne Landman is a great resource to get Postal Issues out to the community. The community is very interested in stories about the Postal Service. We should take advantage of this. If you are having issues involving harassment or hostility in your office, reach out to Anne Here.

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USPS Shipping Equity Act

Will you call your senators to support the USPS Shipping Equity Act?
The USPS is banned from shipping alcohol while private shippers make large profits from its delivery. The Act would end the ban, boosting postal revenue.

Dial (844) 402-1001 to be connected to your senator’s office.

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Pool Champion

2nd Bi-Monthly Pool Champions are Roger Daniels and Michael Willard

Despite looking as if they were trying to lose at times, in fact they often times looked like they didn’t know how to play at all, they were able to easily win 8 out of 10 matches to take a 2nd Championship in a row.

Our award winning President and his Pool Playing Padawan

Shari Flory and Shane McDonnell did not stand a chance and even their alternate player Ian was not match for the champions.

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July Meeting Reminder

The next meeting is this Sunday, July 17, 2022 at 11:00 A.M. Everyone can attend in person or online. If you want to attend in person, please wear masks and we will be following the 6 feet social distancing guidelines. We will be discussing the regional convention. We also have some proposed Constitutional changes. Please show up so that you can voice your opinions on these changes and have your vote counted. You can be there in person or online. Hope everyone is well and we look forward to talking to everyone at the meeting.

More details are available in at the Meeting Page

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Morning at the Regional Tucson, AZ

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