Study Concluded!!!

The Postal Service has scheduled a Community Meeting on February 22nd at 3:00 PM to share the results of their mail processing study and gather feedback.

This meeting provides an opportunity for our community to share concerns about how the proposed changes could impact mail delivery timelines. We encourage local residents to attend and make their voices heard.

The meeting details will be held at University Center at the Colorado Mesa University campus.

Your input is appreciated. These changes could affect the entire community, so it is important USPS hears from local customers.

Please consider attending this event if you have thoughts to share about maintaining timely mail service in our area. We hope to see concerned community members there.

By sharing this event, we can ensure USPS gets helpful feedback from across Western Colorado.

Furthermore, we urge community members to make their voices heard by taking this Survey and providing thoughtful feedback.

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Community Input Meeting

I am so proud to be a part of this Union and the Community. The Meeting last night was overflowing with the support. The room was filled with passionate speakers. My Co-workers did an amazing job of showing their loyalty to the Community and to the Postal Service. Although we don’t like changes that will disrupt service, we deeply care about our customers and getting their mail to them safely and without delays.

Thanks to those who attended. And for those who spoke, I was amazed by your passion. It takes a lot to stand up and you all did an amazing job!!!

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The Rally is over. The fight is just beginning!!!

We had a great turnout at the Rally today. I want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules. We had a lot of Postal Workers, Retirees, Family and Friends that came out to educate the public of the possible concerns we have with mail processing operations potentially moving to Denver.

We had tons of people stop by to discuss their opinions sign petitions and show their support. We also had several representatives from the media join us and ask us about our concerns.

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Let’s Rally!!!

We are scheduling a Rally on President’s Day. This Monday, February 19th, between 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM, we will be gather in solidarity at the Processing Plant to inform the public of the Postal Service’s Plans to move mail processing from Grand Junction to Denver Colorado. We will also let the public know of the Community Input Meeting on Thursday February 22 at the University Center on the Colorado Mesa University campus. Please Join us and show your support. Let’s Rally to keep Mail Processing in Western Colorado!!!

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Press Release 2/9/2024

KKCO had a story today concerning the Processing Plant changes. They claim that the “Post Offices and Delivery Services won’t be effected.” Although this may be true, the big problem with any plans to move mail processing will result in delays in transportation. Transferring mail 300 miles to to process the mail and having to deal with traffic, mountains, canyons, and construction will delay the mail. We believe that the public deserves better service, not delays.

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Press Release

Please help spread the word about the potential impacts of moving mail processing away from the Grand Junction Processing & Distribution Center. I want to make sure everyone is informed about the latest news and discussions regarding the Area Mail Processing study.

We recently met with Alex Prierto-Rivero to discuss the potential impacts of Postmaster General DeJoy’s Delivering For America Plan. Here can see the KREX new footage here.

*Update, Alex Preito-Rivero from KREX spoke to us again about the the AMP Study now that the Postal Service has announced the date of the upcoming Community Meeting.

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July 2023 Meeting Notes

Great Meeting. Thanks for everyone who was able to come. We had a special guest, National Vice President Debby Szeredy came and talked with us about current Postal Issues. It is always great to be able to have a National Officer take time from their day to join us. Debby Szeredy is a wealth of knowledge and shows that our National Officers are here to support us in our endeavours.

There was a bit of talk about our latest Conferences, the State Convention in Pueblo and the Regional Convention in Albuquerque New Mexico. Both had lots of training opportunities. At the Regional Convention, our very own Roger Daniels and Shane McDonnell taught a course on TACs grievances. Going forward we are working on forcing management to comply with the contract and treat all TACs duties as Bargaining Unit work. At the Regional Convention, we had training on Hostile Work Environments and Excessing events. Reach out to us if you have a monster causing issues in your office.

We would like to update the Bulletin Boards in all of our offices. Please let us know if you can help.

This is a small sampling of what happened at the Meeting. Please try to make the Next one in September. and thanks again to everyone who took time out of their day to join us.

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Award Winning President and State Convention Crew 2022
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May Meeting 2023

A large turnout at the most recent meeting. 22 people attended the meeting including many new faces. Thanks for those who took time out of their day to join in on the discussions.

We have a couple Conferences coming up in the near future. The Regional Conference will be in Albuquerque June 8th through the 11th and the State Convention will be held in Pueblo June 29th through July 2nd. We will keep you posted on the events and what we learn from these events.

During the meeting we talked about requesting a copy of your OPF. You have the right to request your OPF and we suggest that you should periodically do so.

There was lots of talk about using MDD-IO scanners instead of the swipe readers for clocking in and out as well as moving to proper operations. If you have any issues with this change, let us know. We have had reports of many issues so far and need to grieve all issues that arise in your office.

We once again had no winner in the attendance drawing. We drew a name of a member and they were not in attendance. That means that next meeting will have a prize pool of $300. Make sure you come to the meeting so that you can keep us informed about the issues in your office, as well as have a chance to win some money.

If you have issues with customer service in your offices, let us know. We are trying to make sure that the customers get the service they deserve. We need to do all we can to provide good service and a positive experience for our customers.

We also talked about TACs being done by managers. If you have a Lead Clerk in your office, they should be doing the TACs for all employees in your office. If not, we are working on rectifying this in all of our offices. We have won this work back and need to make sure that it is being performed by Clerks. There are many instances of management falsifying clock rings. If we have Clerks doing this, we can assure the Crafts that qualified people who care are taking care of these crucial functions.

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