Study Concluded!!!

The Postal Service has scheduled a Community Meeting on February 22nd at 3:00 PM to share the results of their mail processing study and gather feedback.

This meeting provides an opportunity for our community to share concerns about how the proposed changes could impact mail delivery timelines. We encourage local residents to attend and make their voices heard.

The meeting details will be held at University Center at the Colorado Mesa University campus.

Your input is appreciated. These changes could affect the entire community, so it is important USPS hears from local customers.

Please consider attending this event if you have thoughts to share about maintaining timely mail service in our area. We hope to see concerned community members there.

By sharing this event, we can ensure USPS gets helpful feedback from across Western Colorado.

Furthermore, we urge community members to make their voices heard by taking this Survey and providing thoughtful feedback.

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2 Responses to Study Concluded!!!

  1. Bob Burdick says:

    Does or will the concluded study provide the rationale and reasoning for why this action is being considered or has already been decided to move the Grand Junction, CO Processing & Distribution Center (P & DC) to the Denver, CO P & DC?

    Regarding this issue and proposed action, none of the background material that I have been able to obtain regarding this issue and proposed action has provided this fundamental and obvious information.

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