AMP Study

The Postal Service is currently conducting a study as part of Dejoy’s Delivering For America Plan (DFA). As part of this plan, they are looking into the possibility of moving some processing operations from the Grand Junction Processing and Distribution Center to the Denver Processing and Distribution Center.

Although we recognize that modernizing equipment and working conditions may be necessary, moving mail processing across the state seems problematic. We are concerned this could negatively impact mail delivery timelines. Transporting mail nearly 250 miles each way, over mountain passes prone to inclement weather and through canyons with frequent construction and mud slides, will likely delay processing. Mail that currently takes 1 business day to deliver would take at least 2 business days, even if transportation schedules align perfectly.

We suggest exploring more options locally to modernize and improve efficiency before resorting to a change that significantly lengthens the delivery timeframe. While some adjustments may be unavoidable, we believe there are solutions that could upgrade facilities and equipment without severely compromising speed and reliability of mail processing. We want to work collaboratively to find a plan that allows necessary improvements but also prioritizes timely mail delivery, which we know our customers and community members rely on.

For a look at the notice of the proposed changes to the Grand Junction P&DC, Click Here.

The Postal Service has scheduled a Community Meeting on February 22nd to share the results of their mail processing study and gather feedback.

The meeting is scheduled on February 22, 2024 at 3:00 PM at University Center on the Colorado Mesa University campus.

Here is the full Meeting Notice.

Here are the initial findings from the Study.