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Elections 2019




The American Postal Workers Union is having a National Election to elect our national officers.  Our branch of the union, Western Colorado Area Local #600, is having a drawing to try to get “YOU” our members, to vote.  The drawing will include two $100.00 prizes.  The election committee in Washington DC will draw 2 envelopes out of our local’s ballots then will let our local know which envelopes were drawn and then Western Colorado Area Local will issue the checks.  I hope your name is drawn, who couldn’t use a little extra money.

The ballots will be mailed to you at your home address next week, so please when you get the ballot, fill it out and put it in the mail.  You work at the post office, so bring it to work with you or drop it in your mailbox at home but PLEASE VOTE.  

In Union Solidarity,

Lelia Barrow Garcia, President

Western Colorado Area Local #600

PO Box 4009

Grand Junction CO  81502-4009

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Postal Pulse Thank You Cards

Recently, many of our members are receiving Thank you cards from the Postal Service for filling out and sending in their Postal Pulse Surveys. In our local, if you get a Postal Pulse Survey, turn it in to your steward and we will put you in for a drawing at our next meeting.

In the past, management has used the results of these surveys against us in arbitration. Most employees will receive a survey at home, and at work. Turn them in to the union, not to management.

If you did not fill out a Postal Pulse Survey, but received a Thank you card in the mail, go to the Action Network Site to fill out the information. We believe that management may be filling out surveys on your behalf to make themselves look better. This is fraudulent.

Update: You can now report an issue by Texting PULSE to 91990 or emailing the APWU at communications@apwu.org

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Your WCAL 600 Photos

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